Genovese Basil
Ideal for pestos, salads and any dish that begs for basil, this variety has a strong aroma and flavour. Does best when protected from the hot afternoon sun.
Holt's Mammoth Sage
This hardy perennial herb is similar to regular sage but with larger leaves.
This popular culinary herb is heavenly when potted on the patio, or planted in the garden. Use fresh or dried to flavour soups, stews, meats, chicken....
Red Yarrow
A must for butterfly gardens, this perennial is hardy and sun-loving. The flowers are beautiful in bouquets, as well as dried.
Vietnamese Coriander
A strong flavoured herb, similar to true cilantro. It continues to grow after being cut and is a popular addition to Vietnamese dishes.
English Thyme
This popular herb looks just as pretty in a planter as it does in a sunny garden. Low growing, and an excellent addition to soups, stews, vegetable and chicken dishes.
A perennial herb that bears pretty yellow button flowers that are a lovely addition to dried flower arrangements. Also popular for its ability to repel ants.
Pineapple Sage
Although not hardy to our winters, this sage has a beautiful pineapple scent. The brilliant red flowers attract hummingbirds, and the leaves can be used to flavour teas, water, or jams and jellies.
White Sage
Although not a perennial in this region, White Sage is a sacred herb in indigenous ceremonies, and is used for 'smudging', or purification.
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