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Our Story

My husband and I served in the Canadian Forces for the first half of our working lives. While living in Trenton, ON I purchased an antique green door from a local shop and casually hinted that one day I would like him to build a shed around it. The door followed us for 10 years, to finally settle in the London, ON area. Here, I embarked on my second journey as an heirloom tomato plant grower and now have a beautiful shed with a green door! I love the imagery of the green door as a welcoming invitation to explore the joys of old-fashioned, simple gardening and a reminder to think 'green' in how we care for the earth. 

My Aim is to offer my customers an extensive variety of homegrown heirloom tomato plants with a goal to encourage a love of gardening. My gardens reflect who I am... with every story of, "What the heck did I do with that plant?", I have been cheered on by the many surprises of Nature and the unexpected gifts that the garden offers. May your curiosity be endless!

In loving memory of our dog angels ~ Buddie, Sydney and Molly.  We will dearly miss their company in the garden, their helping paws & happy faces. They will always live in our hearts. 

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